FUT 21 – New Icons Swaps Are Available

Viera, Ferdinand, Puskas, Best, Stoichkov, and Schweinsteiger are part of the current FUT 21 Icon Swaps program that allows players to get Icons with tokens.

A new instance of the FUT 21 Icon Swaps program is now available. This program allows players to obtain Icon cards in exchange for a special currency called tokens. The tokens are acquired by completing in-game activities. This means that you can get Icon items without visiting the store. Players can obtain a limited number of tokens per Icon Swap season. Each Icon card that is part of this program has a certain cost in tokens. It’s not possible to get all the Icon cards included in one season so players will have to decide which Icon they will add to their FUT 21 roster. Let’s see what cards we have in this seasn.

FUT 21 Icon Swaps Player Items

We have six Icon cards obtainable with tokens. Viera is a 91 OVR center midfielder with 83 pacing, 85 dribbling, 80 shooting, 90 defending, 82 passing, and 91 physical. His card costs 17 tokens. It’s the most expensive card in this FUT 21 Icon Swaps batch. Next, we have Ferdinand’s 91 OVR Icon that costs 15 tokens. The card has the center back position and it comes with 86 pacing, 67 dribbling, 50 shooting, 93 defending, 69 passing, and 90 physical. For 13 tokens, you can obtain Puskas’s Icon card. It’s a 94 OVR center forward whose stats are 91 pacing, 92 dribbling, 96 shooting, 46 defending, 91 passing, and 76 physical. Best is included in this FUT 21 Icon Swaps event. His card has 93 OVR. It’s a right wing with 93 pacing, 94 dribbling, 91 shooting, 58 defending, 84 passing, and 71 physical. You can obtain it for 11 tokens. Stoichkov is a striker that costs eight tokens. The card has 93 OVR and the attributes are 94 pacing, 94 dribbling, 95 shooting, 52 defending, 89 passing, and 88 physical. The last Icon of this batch belongs to Schweinsteiger. The card is a 92 OVR center defending midfielder that costs six tokens. It comes with 77 pacing, 87 dribbling, 87 shooting, 89 defending, 90 passing, and 90 physical. Players can also acquire FUT 21 packs during this event. We have 84+ OVR and 83+ OVR packs. You can also opt for 92+ OVR or 93+ OVR Icon Moments player picks. More cards are available through the current Team of the Season events. We have Team of the Season LaLiga, Premier League, Turkish Super Lig, and more available. A new Man of the Match selection is out as well.

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